Frequently Asked Questions


Explain Tymbal to me one more time.

Tymbal is a subscription-based service for your blog. For a monthly fee, we write you a custom application for Amazon Echo that allows your readers (and thousands of new potential readers!) to listen to your content read out loud on their Amazon Echo. Think of it as your blog, podcast-ified.

Why is Tymbal a
valuable tool for my blog?

Blogs are an amazing way to reach people and build community. A food blogger from Canada can trade recipes with a fellow foodie from Switzerland at the touch of a button–how cool is that? Since blogs are only accessed as written content, however, we wanted to create a tool to expand this community even further.

Home automation and virtual assistant technology has huge benefits for portions of the population whose access to the web may be compromised for whatever reason. Think the disabled, visually impaired, or just plain busy. Multitaskers rejoice! With Tymbal, you can listen to your favorite financial advice blog while you cook, shower, exercise, knit, you name it. Tymbal eliminates the need to set aside time specifically for reading blogs while also cutting down on screen exposure time. More freedom, more productivity, happy blog fans.

How does this expand my readership?

Amazon’s Echo is leading the charge in the ‘smart speaker’ industry–it has the widest selection of applications (or ‘skills’) at around 15,000 and counting and is compatible with many widely-used services including Spotify, NPR, Audible, and countless more. With your custom skill in the marketplace, these millions of Echo-owners will now have exposure to your blog.

Why Amazon Echo?

Amazon has sold millions of devices in the Echo family (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, etc.) since its initial launch in 2014. According to a report by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it is estimated that approximately 10.7 million people had an Echo in their home by the end of March 2017. That number increased by 2.5 million since the last report in January–that’s over a 25% increase in only 3 months! We want to get your blog to these millions of people.

Is Tymbal available on other devices (i.e. Google Home)?

Not quite. While we are open to developing for other virtual assistant technology, Alexa is our current focus.

What is the difference between Tymbal Cast, Tymbal Reader and Tymbal Custom?

Tymbal Cast
At $0 per month (yes, free!), this tier allows your blog to be read by Alexa from within our own Tymbal Skill. Your readers can access your content through downloading our skill and finding your brand within it.

Recommended for: smaller, personal-sized blogs with a tight budget but lots to share!

Tymbal Reader
At $99 per month, we develop your own customized Alexa Skill specific to your blog. It is searchable under your blog’s name and it is exclusive to you. We provide custom branding for your blog and a dedicated support team to keep your skill running smoothly.

Recommended for: medium-sized blogs that provide consistent revenue and have a strong readership and brand recognition.

Tymbal Custom
Our most extensive package! At $249 monthly, Tymbal Custom includes an exclusive Skill we build for your blog, an awesome support team to smooth out any bumps in the road you may come across, plus advanced navigation through your content and custom Alexa integrations.

Recommended for: large enterprises and publications.