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Hi blog-lovers! Today we continue our tradition of featuring another of our amazing users with a Blogger Spotlight.

Today’s spotlight is…Shivani of Organizational-Bliss

Shivani is a writer, animal-loving vegetarian, yogi, world traveler and organizational wizard. Her blog Organizational-Bliss gives her readers the tools to declutter, simplify, and live their best, junk-free lives. Her posts exude positivity and are inspirational to read. As we began to listen through them here in the Tymbal office we were so inspired, we immediately began to clean and organize around us as we listened…I kid you not! With a BS in Neuroscience and a MA in Communication, Shivani has a diverse educational background and brings every aspect of her experience in and outside the classroom to her writing. We at Tymbal couldn’t be happier to have her with us!

Getting to Know ShivaniOrganizational-Bliss

Name: Shivani Vyas

Blog: Organizational-Bliss

Years blogging: 1 year

Favorite blogs (other than your own!): Do it on a Dime

What tips would you share with new bloggers?

(1) Always choose a topic you’re passionate about, because writing from passion yields truthful and creative content. While doing this, build your own unique voice, writing style, and character. Simply copying the style or blogging techniques of other writers will only decrease your blog’s value!

(2) Try to build a consistent blogging schedule if possible. Not only does this allow greater engagement with your readers, but it also prevents your blog from becoming a moldy, rotten tomato sitting in the back of the fridge that everyone, well, just forgot about.

(3) Never let the number of followers discourage you from writing or having your voice heard. Believe in your talent and the right opportunities will come to you only if you believe they are possible. Even Oprah started at 1.

What’s the most ridiculous comment you’ve received on a blog post?

I had one complete stranger from India post his personal cell phone number on my site, asking me to call him and teach him the steps of setting up a blog. Not sure if that counts, LOL, I just thought it was a bit odd!

What’s your favorite thing about the internet?

YouTube! Being the third most visited site worldwide, it has become the most incredible tool in our digital era. It honestly still amazes me how far we’ve come, especially as an individual who grew up in the 90’s dependent on dial-up internet, to now, having virtual access to any country, education, topic, and person with just a click of a button.

What’s your #1 tip about your blog subject?

Organization isn’t just about physical clutter and things. It’s about organizing your life in a way that brings you peace from all aspects, including emotional and psychological. When you have less clutter in your mind, body, soul, and the physical spaces around you, you create more openings for new opportunities, bliss, and abundance to enter your life.

What are your non-blogging hobbies?

Painting landscapes.Yoga. Walking in nature. Gardening. Volunteering at local animal shelters.

What keeps you sane?

Being goofy and learning that life is too amazing to be taken too seriously all the time. An organized and clean home. Lavender anything. The beach. Pumpkin spice candles. Traveling and eating flavorful foods. Indigo. Reading positive self-help books and inspirational stories. Pottery Barn and J.Crew.

What beverage do you always have on hand?

Herbal tea, especially chamomile.

When are you happiest?

Spending time with family. Helping others interior decorate and organize their spaces. Traveling to beautiful places like Italy, Switzerland, and France. Spending time caring for animals, especially elephants!


Thank you, Shivani! Your blog keeps our office organization on point!

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