Blogger Spotlight: Nourish with Natalia

Natalia with a monkey in Bali

We love blogs and the bloggers behind them. After all, Tymbal is built for you guys! Without your amazing content, we wouldn’t have a whole lot to work with. So, thank you, bloggers! You are rad.

The Start of a Tradition

Every month, we’re going to feature one of our awesome Tymbal users so you can learn a little about them, check out their awesome blogs and grow your community a little more! Each spotlight will have a short interview, including some of their best tips and ideas for you to make your blog even more amazing. Let’s get started, shall we?

Our Blogger Spotlight is…

Natalia of Nourish with Natalia

Natalia is a California-bred recent college grad with a lifestyle blog featuring her favorite healthy recipes, fitness advice, and wanderlust-inducing travel stories. Paired with beautiful photos of her adventures and scrumptious-looking food creations, her posts are light and fun to read. Natalia draws inspiration for her blog from her beachy hometown of Santa Cruz, California and her childhood growing up in a family of creative souls. Feel like you need a vacation? Wait until you see Natalia’s pictures…you might just end up on the next flight to Bali!

Getting to Know NataliaNourish with Natalia

Name: Natalia Podolsky

Blog: Nourish with Natalia

Years blogging: October 27th officially marks 1 year!

Favorite blogs (other than your own!): Naturally Ella, The Skinny Confidential, Well and Good

What tips would you share with new bloggers?
Blogging is HARD. Be prepared to put in the work because blogging is also very rewarding. It will challenge you unlike anything else and make you use your creative muscles! Also, don’t sweat it when you make a typo, you are only human.

What’s the most ridiculous comment you’ve received on a blog post?
I don’t know if this counts, but I get this comment a lot in response to my Snapchat or Instagram stories: “You should be a singer or host your own radio talk show, you have such a great voice” My voice is not great…I think I sound like a six year old!

What’s your favorite thing about the internet?
My favorite thing about the internet is seeing all the ways people have utilized it. It has given people an outlet to express their creativity and I love seeing how far people have ran with it.

What’s your #1 tip about choosing your blog subject?
Write about something you would want to read about!!!

What are your non-blogging hobbies?
I am an exercise junkie: sculpt yoga, the gym, hiking, backpacking. I also love love love to travel and cook…but I guess technically those are all my “blogging hobbies”!

Summer tacos - Nourish with Natalia
Summertime Veggie Tacos

Thank you, Natalia! And congratulations on your 1 Year Blog-iversary!

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