When Alexa Reads Your Blog, Your Audience Wins

Your Own Skill

We create your own custom Alexa application for Amazon Echo. We get it approved. Alexa reads your blog. You don't lift a finger.  Just kick back and let your readers listen and rejoice!

Increased Exposure

Be the first to gain exposure through the Alexa Skill marketplace. Capture everyone who is listening. Beat the rush and get ahead of the curve. Be a part of the next big thing!

Universal Access

Give access to all, including the visually impaired or preoccupied, by offering a hands (and eyes!) free way to read your blog. 

How Does it Work?

Choose Your Plan

We offer tiered services and strive to have something for everybody. We charge the same amount, every month. No hidden fees or penalties. Guaranteed. 

Contact us for a quick demo and quote. 

Submit Your RSS Feed

We leverage your RSS infrastructure to create a pleasant and content-complete way to listen to your blog. Whether your readers are in the shower, on the road, or cooking dinner, they won't have to stop what they are doing to stay up on the latest.

Cancel Any Time

There is no commitment. You can cancel any time--no hidden fees or funny business--and reopen your account whenever you're ready.