What is Amazon’s Alexa?

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Amazon has created the latest in virtual assistant technology with their new service, Alexa.

Alexa is a voice-activated assistant, much like Apple’s Siri, that takes commands from your voice to do things like play music, stream podcasts, set alarms, manage to-do lists, tell you the weather, and more. In fact, Amazon has opened up Alexa for third party developers (like us at tymbal) to make apps (Alexa “Skills”).

We created the tymbal reader to enable Alexa to read blogs as well. We hope to help bloggers deliver their content to a whole new market of readers (or listeners), and to improve the experience for their existing audience.

Alexa is most widely available on Amazon’s Echo line of voice-activated speakers. These include the Echo, the Echo Dot, the Echo Show, and the Echo Look. Each speaker has different hardware, where the Echo Show has a full display and the Echo Look uses a camera.

We provide a complimentary Echo Dot to everyone who signs up for the tymbal reader service.

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