What is Tymbal?

First and foremost our goal at Tymbal is to help bloggers thrive. We blog every week on blogging news, tactics, and information about the blogging world. We also build software to help bloggers improve their readers’ experiences. That is why we built the Tymbal Reader.

The Tymbal Reader is a new service for Amazon’s Alexa that is designed to help bloggers deliver their content to their readers.

Gone are the days where readers have to stop what they are doing to read your blog. With Tymbal, your readers canĀ listen to your posts instead of reading, opening up a whole range of new possibilities for your readers and you.

There will never be another time where your readers want to engage with your content, but can not. Tymbal makes your relationship even more seamless and brings your content up to a whole new level.

Make your blog speak. Try Tymbal today.

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