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Blogger Meetup Day 1

The blogging medium is constantly evolving at a ridiculous rate–it is truly amazing to see how influential the industry is becoming. Blogging has changed the internet landscape, giving a voice to just about anyone with a computer, the tiniest bit of tech-savviness and something to say. Information, opinions and new perspectives are more accessible to the masses than ever before because of blogs.¬†With the rate of blog content consumption on the rise, we are quickly seeing corporations adopting blogs into their marketing strategy to tap into this massive user base (it’s what inspired the Tymbal Reader!). As the industry grows, we took a look at the numbers from 2016 to help you decide how big blogging has become.

Here is a snapshot of statistics from the blogging industry in 2016:

People Blogging Together

  • 23% of all time spent online was dedicated to blogs or social media platforms.
  • In 2016, the average adult American spent roughly 10.5 hours a day behind a computer.
  • The average American spent time browsing their favorite blogs and social media sites for about 2.5 hours per day.Blogging Statistics on Tablet
  • A collective 18.7 million bloggers posted their work through personal websites and social media in 2016.
  • Lead generation increased by 126% when small businesses used blogs as a marketing tool.
  • It is predicted that within the next 3 years (!!!!), we are going to be managing 85% of our human interaction via technology.

What does this mean for us? In short, blogging is huge. And it’s getting even bigger by the day!

What next?

Okay, so you know that blogging is a gigantic opportunity for any business, big or small.If you or your business have not started blogging yet, it’s still not too late. The next step is to leverage the power that blogs give us.

Curious about how to do this? Sign up for updates on the Tymbal Blog as we delve into these subjects even further! Until then, you can find resources everywhere to help you get started.

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